Specialist Sections

The Specialist Sections of the Institute provide members with the opportunity to exchange views with other institute members on various areas of interest in fisheries ; to contribute to various consultation documents; and to participate in special conferences and workshops relevant to their interest. The Terms of Reference of the specialist sections can be found here.

The sections are:

Fish and the Environment
This section encompasses a wide range of topics, including fish passage, hydropower, water quality, and fish biology. The chair of the section is John Gregory –please contact for further details.

Culture and Health
This section includes consideration of aspects of fish culture (trout, salmon and coarse) and fish health (both wild and in culture). The chair of the section is Ian Wellby –please contact for further details.

Transitional and Marine
This section encompasses both fisheries in transitional waters (e.g. estuaries ) and marine areas. The chair of the section is Steve Colclough –please contact for further details.

Recreation and Resource
This section covers recreational topics such as angling and management of the resource e.g. salmon. The chair of the section is Mike Lee –please contact for further details.

Administration and Management
This section includes legal aspects of fisheries work including enforcement . The chair of the section is Steve Axford - please contact for further details.

This section is planned to provide a forum for Institute members currently overseas. The chair of the section is currently vacant –please contact the Institute Chair, Eamon Cusack if you are interested in joining this section.